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Technology 'will never replace' traditional teaching

11/03/2009 Joanna
Traditional teaching will never be replaced by new technology, it has been stated.

This is the view of chief executive and creative director at Andrew Bethell, who stated that "the days of the robot teacher" will never arrive.

He said that this was because it is the teacher that has to improve education, noting: "ICT is an incredibly valuable tool but it is no replacement."

Mr Bethell also mentioned that rather than depersonalising education, using technology can give teachers the opportunity to enhance the personalisation of lessons for pupils, with each having the chance to develop their own way of learning using ICT.

Furthremore, while noting that there is some resistance to using technology in the classroom, he suggested that rather than this being a symptom of an "ideological resistance", it is actually as a result of "technological resisitance".

Earlier this year, the government technology in education agency Becta launched a new technology charter in a bid to help schools join the 'digital revolution'.
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