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Technology 'will improve special needs teaching'

20/08/2009 Joanna
Technology will make the lives of special needs teachers easier in the future, it has been suggested.

US News has argued that increased funding from the US government for the education sector could be utilised to boost the use of computers and technology in schools, so that young people are able to prepare for lives in the world of work.

The news provider suggested technology could also be used by special needs teachers to improve the learning and skills of pupils with special educational needs.

Such moves could also be felt in the UK where there is already a greater focus on the use of technology and computers in the classroom.

A review of the primary school education system in the UK published earlier this year concluded that a greater use of computers in the classroom is needed.

The report suggested IT should become as important as reading, writing and arithmetic, meaning some teachers could be required to take up training courses in IT.
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