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Technology 'is revolutionising education'

18/08/2009 Joanna
The UK is currently facing a period of "great change" in its education sector thanks to the growing importance of technology, it has been claimed.

Ellen Ferguson, education manager at Childnet International, explained that teachers and school staff are increasingly using technology to a greater extent in the classroom, with computers no longer being confined to IT lessons.

"Educational institutions are being encouraged to incorporate technology into their teaching at every opportunity," she explained.

Ms Ferguson added that the outcome of this increased focus on IT will be "exciting" for both the children and their future development.

Recent research published by energy company nPower found that children spend on average almost nine hours every day using different types of technology, from watching televisions and playing computer games, to texting friends on their mobile phones.

Last month, the Open University and e-skills UK launched an England-wide programme to help teachers bring technology more effectively into the classroom.
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