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Teaching girls and boys separately 'is good idea'

15/10/2010 Joanna
Teaching girls and boys separately could be extremely beneficial for British schoolchildren, it has been claimed.

Nick Seaton, chairman of Campaign for Real Education, said it seems to be the experience of most parents and teachers that male and female pupils develop at a different rate to one another.

"It is probably biological. It just seems to be part of human nature," he remarked.

Mr Seaton noted that most teachers already make allowances for this.

"There is evidence to show that boys and girls who are taught separately do better than boys and girls taught together," he added.

A study carried out earlier this year by the British Educational Research Association revealed that little girls themselves believe they are cleverer, better-behaved and try harder than boys at school from a very young age.

The poll found that most adults also believe that girls do better at school than their male counterparts.
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