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Teaching assistants 'boost pupil learning'

07/04/2010 Joanna
Increasing the number of teaching assistants (TA) in schools is "strongly associated" with improved pupil attainment, a new report by the Training and Development Agency (TDA) has found.

The report also suggests that greater expenditure on TAs, more than additional spending on other kinds of support staff, helps students post better results, in news which may be of interest to those in search of TA jobs.

Graham Holley, chief Executive at the TDA, described TAs as the "unsung heroes of the school workforce" and urged schools to ensure that they are using their support staff in an effective and meaningful way.

The report also found that most parents believe that teaching assistants have a positive impact on pupil learning.

In other news, Becta, the government agency promoting the use of information and communication technologies (ICT), said that the "vast majority" of staff in teaching jobs believes that ICT has "a positive impact on pupils".

Posted by Theo Foulds
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