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Teachers 'wary' over academy offer

01/06/2010 Joanna
The offer made by education secretary Michael Gove to all schools to allow them to become academies has been met with caution by head teachers, reports suggest.

Both the Times and the Guardian have reported that while some head teachers have welcomed the proposals, others have expressed concern and believe that there is a need for more details of the offer to be clarified.

The offer has been extended to all schools - currently only secondary schools can adopt academy status and it remains to be seen what the impact of a wider academy offering would be on those with teaching jobs and the wider community.

Head teacher at the Stourport High School in Worcestershire Liz Quinn told the Guardian that the offer is "short on detail" and that uncertainty is the biggest issue at the moment.

Her belief that there is currently a lack of clarity over how the funding of the operation would work was echoed by a number of other head teachers who spoke to the newspaper.

Posted by Alan Douglas
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