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Teachers want to use virtual reality in the classroom

28/07/2016 Joanna

Virtual reality is being adopted in many ways, and it seems that teachers are now looking to this technological advancement to improve engagement with their students.

A survey conducted by Samsung Electronics highlighted that 60 per cent of teachers would like to make virtual reality part of their students learning experience.

This technology is being adopted more readily in the US, with one teacher stating that by incorporating virtual reality into education, students are able to learn more creatively.

The study by Samsung showed that 93 per cent of teachers think pupils would be excited to use virtual reality in the classroom. 77 per cent think it would help children to better understand learning concepts, with 71 per cent saying it would improve collaboration and 84 per cent believing it would boost motivation.

Virtual reality can also be particularly useful when it comes to exploring app development, as well as designing and viewing 3D models. 

To date, this is an avenue that has not been explored by many educators, but as the technology expands, it could become a much more plausible option for teachers.

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