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Teachers to teach for a day without resources

28/09/2016 Joanna

UK charity, World Wide Education Project, has developed Naked Teaching Day, a day where teachers put away supplies and resources. This is taking place on Friday September 30th, and intends to raise awareness of children around the world who are attending schools in slums or refugee camps.

World Wide Education Project supports education in developing countries and disaster zones, with services such as exporting redundant educational furniture and equipment from the UK for re-use abroad.

According to Nina Jackson, one of the teachers who helped to develop the campaign: "Connecting and developing purposeful learning relationships with the children is key. Good eye contact and a great smile always works. It exudes safety, support and confidence. Even if you’re feeling nervous yourself."

For one day, the charity is urging teachers to put away supplies, worksheets and textbooks, turn off interactive whiteboards, and instead look at different resource-free teaching strategies.

The hope is that Naked Teaching Day can not only raise awareness of the differences that some children face on a daily basis, but that participating schools can also help to raise funds for World Wide Education Project.

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