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Teachers shown to be 'most responsible drinkers'

26/05/2009 Joanna
New research by the Department of Health has shown teachers are the most responsible professionals when it comes to having a drink after work.

Of the 1,400 workers polled, they proved most likely to monitor their own consumption of alcohol and were closest to the accepted medical limits.

The study showed that during the course of a week teachers drink only 22 units of alcohol, while finance and real estate professionals manage 29 units.

"It's tempting to just go for 'a swift one', even when you know your body needs a rest. But, one can quickly turn into many," warned public health minister Dawn Primarolo.

Those most likely to drink too much are workers in the media, publishing and entertainment sectors (44 units).

The NHS advises teaching assistants and their contemporaries that having a soft drink or a cup of tea is a far healthier alternative to alcohol.

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