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Teachers 'should reclaim authority'

15/01/2010 Joanna
A move to allow pupils to have a say in shaping the educational curriculum would bring a range of problems, an sector expert has argued.

Such a move may further undermine teacher authority, argued chairman of the Campaign for Real Education Nick Seaton.

He said that there should not be a move to hand more power to pupils, arguing instead that teachers need to reclaim authority.

"Children have to be involved in what goes on in schools. Children need to have a positive attitude but on the other hand they do need to respect the authority of teachers and parents if they are going to succeed in life," Mr Seaton said.

He also noted that parents and teachers will tend to have a better idea of what children should be learning and what is required of them.

Mr Seaton's comments follow a report in the Telegraph which suggested that teachers will have to ask for pupils' permission before making major adjustments to the curriculum, for example.
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