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Teachers 'must have sufficient technology training'

05/04/2011 Joanna
It is important that teachers are provided with sufficient training time in order to effectively use new technology in the classroom.

This is according to Sarah Underwood, magazine and brand editor at ICT for Education, who said there is "always a great difficulty" when it comes to IT training.

"Often the suppliers will do a little bit of training when they bring the products in or upgrade them, but often schools don't have the time or flexibility to allow teachers to have time away from lessons to learn more. So that's quite a problem," she commented.

Ms Underwood noted that teachers need time to learn about classroom technology because in many schools children know more about this area than their teachers do.

A recent study by the British Educational Suppliers Association found that 56 per cent of primary schools and 65 per cent of secondary schools feel they are unlikely to be able to maintain planned new technologies investments for the next academic year due to cuts.

Posted by Dolcie Thacker
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