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Teachers in the Midlands and around the UK urged to get tax-savvy

03/09/2009 Joanna
Teachers are being asked to log on to a new free online resource concerned with tax and how it is raised and spent.

Run by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), Tax Matters contains three modules, which cover tax, national insurance and income.

It is designed for use in personal, social, health and economic education and is accompanied by interactive features such as quizzes, videos and games to use in the classroom.

An integrated 'word bank' allows users to search an online database for any unfamiliar terms and receive a clear definition of what they mean.

There are also downloadable lesson plans for each module, suitable for key stage three and four pupils.

HMRC’s Caroline Smith said: "By the end of the modules, students will be well equipped to understand what tax is all about.

"They'll be clear why we pay tax in the first place, and what it means for them on a practical level, such as why it’s important to keep hold of their National Insurance number and how to understand their tax code."

Written by Alan Douglas

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