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Teachers in England 'may notice reading differences'

04/03/2010 Joanna
People working in teacher jobs in England may notice differences between girls and boys in their approach to reading.

New research by Renaissance Learning has claimed that girls tend to enjoy reading more than boys and that they read more challenging texts.

Following the publication of the results, a spokesperson for the National Literacy Trust said that other surveys have found similar results, showing that girls enjoy reading more than boys.

Head of research at the trust Christina Clark said that the trust's own studies suggested that girls tended to enjoy reading more.

"More boys than girls reported that they read because it will help them get a job or because they have to. More girls than boys indicated reading because it is fun, it teaches them how other people live and because it gives them a break," said Ms Clark.

She added that boys were more likely to read newspapers and manuals than girls, who were more likely to read fictional works.

Posted by Theo Foulds
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