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Teachers 'can prosecute students making false allegations'

04/04/2011 Joanna
The government will give teachers the power to prosecute students that make false allegations against them, it has been announced.

Education secretary Michael Gove said the move is part of the coalition's plans to tackle discipline in the classroom.

"Improving discipline is a big priority. Teachers can't teach effectively and pupils can't learn if schools can't keep order. These changes will give teachers confidence that they can remove disruptive pupils and search children where necessary," he commented.

Furthermore, Mr Gove revealed that headteacher and consultant Charlie Taylor has been appointed as a government advisor on bad behaviour.

"He has an excellent track record in improving discipline in some of the most challenging schools in the country," he added.

A survey carried out last year by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers found that 28 per cent of school staff have had false allegations made against them by a student in the past.
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