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Teachers 'bogged down by rules and league tables'

24/11/2010 Joanna
Teachers can easily find themselves weighted down by the stress of league tables and exam results, leaving them without the will to give inspirational lessons.

This is according to Sue Fieldman, who is who suggested that teachers need more freedom in order to come up with more interesting lessons.

A report released by Ofsted earlier this week noted that teaching is inadequate in four per cent of schools.

It also noted that in schools where behaviour is poor, this is frequently linked to dull and uninspired teaching.

"Lessons have become learning by rote too much and working towards exam results. If they are given more freedom, then they can go back to the teaching that many of them used to love in the olden days, and many of the young teachers never experienced," Ms Fieldman commented.

She explained that teachers in private schools are often able to be more inspirational because they can within reason, do what they want to do during lessons.
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