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Teachers allowed to use force 'when necessary'

06/04/2010 Joanna
Staff in teaching jobs should use force to control and restrain unruly pupils, according to new government guidance.

The new guidance gives teachers the powers they need to ensure classroom discipline, giving them the green light to use force in a number of situations, including when pupils are fighting or when disruptive students refuse to leave a classroom after being asked to do so.

Ed Balls, the secretary of state for children, schools and families, said the Teachers' Guarantee is aiming to stop education professionals being afraid of using their powers when necessary.

He added that the guidance was making sure "that every teacher can have control of the classroom so that every pupil can get the most from their education".

In other news, Mr Balls has described the current generation of staff in teaching jobs as the best ever.

In a televised debate, the minister claimed the quality of teacher has increased under the Labour government.

Posted by Harriet McGowan

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