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Teachers 'accept that international GCSEs help pupils prepare for college'

09/06/2010 Joanna
Having international GCSEs will help pupils to make the transition to college and A-levels, according to a professional.

Nick Seaton, who chairs the Campaign for Real Education, said that people in teaching jobs would welcome the introduction of international GCSEs into state schools.

Independent schools already lead toward iGCSEs, as they are seen as a more difficult qualification than ordinary ones.

Mr Heaton stated: "If as many state school pupils as possible are allowed to take them, it will give them a flying start towards getting good grades at A-level."

He even suggested that "fairly meaningless qualifications" should be axed, with iGCSEs brought in to replace them.

State schools will be able to teach iGCSEs in core subjects from the start of the next academic year.

According to schools minister Nick Gibb, this will help to stop private school students gaining an automatic advantage over state school pupils when seeking employment and university places.

Posted by Tim Colman

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