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Teach pupils benefits of abstinence, says Tory MP

05/05/2011 Joanna
Conservative MP Nadine Dorries believes British schoolchildren should be taught the benefits of abstaining from sex.

The politician presented a ten-minute rule bill to the House of Commons this week calling for teenagers to be given extra sex education lessons focusing on teaching pupils "how to say no".

"The answer to ending our constant struggle with the incredibly high rate of teenage sexual activity and underage pregnancies lies in teaching our girls and boys about the option of abstinence, the ability to 'just say no' as part of their compulsory sex education," Ms Dorries said.

She added that girls need to be taught that saying no is a "cool" thing to do if they are being pressured.

However, the bill has been met by some criticism from opposition MPs.

Labour's Chris Bryant described it as the "daftest piece of legislation" he has come across.

He added that the most important thing the government can do is empower young people and give them the confidence to make good decisions for themselves.

Posted by Katy Kearns
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