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Surge in men training to be teachers

16/06/2009 Joanna
Exeter University has seen a significant upturn in the number of men training to be teachers, it has been revealed.

According to the Express and Echo, record numbers of men are taking up training courses at the university to learn how to become primary school teachers.

The growth has been put down in part to the university's promotion of primary school teaching through its Men in Primary initiative.

This scheme offers support for male students looking to become primary school teachers through a mentoring programme and a series of workshops.

One student told the newspaper: "I went into teaching at primary school level because I wanted to do something rewarding and be proud of what I do every day."

It is hoped the programme will continue to boost the number of men coming into primary school teaching and the initiative could be followed by other universities in the future.

Earlier this month, Cardiff City Hall recognised the hard work of teachers across Wales with the 11th annual Welsh Teaching Awards ceremony.
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