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Summer holidays 'should be broken up'

24/01/2011 Joanna
The six-week summer holidays should be broken down and spread throughout the year, according to Welsh party Plaid Cymru.

It claimed that the idea of a lengthy break is old fashioned and does not work well for modern families.

Nerys Evans, the party's education spokeswoman, suggested that children can find it difficult to retain information after such a long holiday.

Furthermore, Plaid Cymru said that changing the holiday structure could reduce absenteeism because parents would not be tempted to take their children on cheap term-time holidays.

"The way we teach our children has remained constant even though our nation has changed," she said.

"The term structure as it is now is based upon allowing children to help on the farm and harvesting during summer.

"Continuing with it in its present form simply does not take into consideration the challenges of a modern Wales."

However, the idea has not been welcomed by everyone. Speaking to the BBC, Stuart Williams of the National Union of Teachers said the long break gives teachers time to properly recharge their batteries.
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