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Success of academies 'still in the balance'

26/05/2011 Joanna
Academies have not been around long enough to be deemed successful or otherwise, it has been suggested.

Nick Seaton, secretary of the Campaign for Real Education, said the success of these schools is "still in the balance".

"I don't think they have proved themselves yet as a type of school. I hope Michael Gove [minister for education] is going to allow grammar schools to expand and more grammar schools to open," he commented.

Mr Seaton said he is backing government plans to allow top schools to take on more pupils.

"I think competition within the system must be a good thing. Allowing schools to expand as far as they can is a good thing. It seems crazy to limit the intake of good schools. If they can take extra pupils, they should be allowed to," he added.

Government figures published earlier this month show that 1,000 schools have now applied to convert to academy status.

 Posted by Dolcie Thacker
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