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Students need more tech education

28/07/2016 Joanna

The use of technology in our everyday lives is increasing rapidly, and students need this to be incorporated into their education.

According to Mark Murphy, group chief technical officer at Excell Group, software design - also known as coding - should sit on the curriculum alongside the likes of English, Maths and Science.

He suggests that one aspect of this should involve pupils being able to actively use various technologies for their entire learning experience. This even goes as far as understanding the double-layered internet security systems that are now often necessary. 

In addition, tools such as LED screens can save time for both students and teachers when it comes to writing, and also allow them to create much more dynamic pieces of work, such as presentations. 

Using these interactive technologies can also boost engagement in the classroom, which will ultimately result in students gaining higher grades and improving their education.

However, Mr Murphy suggests that including coding in the curriculum is the most important move that should be made. Many schools have started to teach this subject, but it's dependent on teachers understanding it to the level that they can teach it.

"If all children leave school with a solid knowledge of coding and its potential, then we can have more British success stories like that of ARM and ensure Britain’s future as a tech centre of innovation," he stated. 

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