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Students 'learn valuable skills through sport'

27/10/2010 Joanna
The skills that young people develop though sporting activities can be transferred to their academic work, it has been claimed.

David Mbaziira, head of marketing and communications at Sporting Equals, an organisation which actively promotes involvement in sport, said that although it enables children to develop many valuable skills, most parents do not rate it as highly as subjects such as English and maths.

"There are possible conflicts around time priorities with study and commitment to sport, particularly at the competitive level. We have found this to be a recurring issue even in instances where individuals have gone on to achieve at elite level," he explained.

Mr Mbaziira added that more support is needed for deprived communities to help sport become recognised as a viable career option for young people.

The Department for Education recently announced that it is bringing to an end the former administration's £162 million PE and Sports Strategy, which was used to help schools provide competitive sports.
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