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Stephen Fry launches Pinterest for education

03/03/2016 Joanna
Stephen Fry is co-founder of a new online platform that describes itself as a "Pinterest for education".

The company, called Pindex, launched earlier this month. It's a self-funded online platform that creates and curates educational videos and infographics for teachers and students.

The first video is narrated by Mr Fry, explaining about the Large Hadron Collider, dark matter and extra dimensions. Other videos will focus on science and technology, including the Hyperloop, colonising Mars, robots and drones. Mr Fry is expected to do the voiceovers for several of these.

John Leaver, one of the co-founders, said: "I started Pindex out of frustration with the dull, dry material my ten-year-old daughter would bring home from school.

"Making every topic engaging is a huge task - too much for any one person. Pindex enables teachers and professors to share their best material. Working together like this is the only way to solve the problem."

Teachers, professors and the general public are invited to share content on Pindex, with the aim of it becoming a hub for engaging and captivating content.

As it expands, Pindex will grow its library by curating more material from external sources. "We’ll soon be inviting bloggers and YouTube educators to curate material on Pindex as they research topics, so their audiences can learn in more depth," said Mr Leaver. 

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