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Staff in teacher jobs 'to help protect and improve school libraries'

19/02/2010 Joanna
Primary teachers could be helping heads and governors to protect and improve school libraries as part of a drive launched by the School Library Association (SLA).

The association has published a library charter to help staff in teacher jobs and school governors set up a new collection or improve their existing one.

Tricia Adams, director of the SLA, said: "We believe every child should have access to a good school library, how that is provided depends on the circumstances of each school.

"Most primary schools seem to have something they call a library, but a lot don't have anyone there helping children to use it. If there is no one there at breaktime or lunchtimes, schools are not getting the best out of their library."

The charter calls for more specially trained staff to help pupils make the most of their school libraries, and encourages schools to make space for book collections.

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