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Sports stars offer kids their training tips

28/05/2009 Joanna
Some of the biggest names in UK sports have given children advice as to how they can be a sporting success.

Ahead of this year's Lloyds TSB National School Sport Week, the Youth Sport Trust has spoken to Olympic medalists Rebecca Aldrington, Jason Gardner and Rebecca Romero.

Rebecca Aldrington says a great way for children to take up a new sport is for them to join a club so they can meet other kids.

To encourage children who consider themselves not be very sporty, teaching assistants could always follow Jason Gardner's advice - the top sprinter suggests they could try a sport "that they have not done before, one that looks like fun and easy enough to participate".

If this does not interest them, Rebecca Romero advises that kids who are not into sport themselves could still "find ways to get involved supporting or helping those who are involved in the activities".

Primary school children from across Bristol recently took part in the inaugural Bristol Primary Festival of School Sport, which was aimed at those children who usually did not get to represent their schools.
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