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South-west trainer tells teachers to smarten up

30/09/2009 Joanna
BBC News claims teaching students at Ridgeway School, in Wroughton, who smartened-up received more respect from their pupils.

Male trainees were required to wear sharp suits, while female trainees were asked to wear long hair in a bun and ditch casual clothing.

The woman behind the experiment and the school's lead tutor Rosie Cairns told the news source: "While some pupils say they want to be friends with their teacher, our research shows they actually prefer a little bit of distance.

"They prefer not to have that relationship. If they do, it breaks down after a while."

She added that those who behave more informally are more likely to reveal a weakness pupils can exploit.

In related news, earlier this week saw schools secretary Ed Balls announce a review into the training of special needs teachers.

Written by Tim Colman

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