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South-west pupils helping to fight crime

24/09/2009 Joanna
According to the Bath Chronicle, the city's Royal High School ran this year's event where sixth-formers discussed how to make communities safer.

The youngsters were joined at the three-day conference by superintendent Geoff Spicer, from Bath Police, who spoke in-depth about the issues.

Royal High spokesman Deryck Goodman told the Chronicle the event had gone well and thanked everybody involved.

He said: "This was a really challenging experience for the students. They had to work under a lot of pressure, master a great deal of complex information and work co-operatively.

"It's a steep learning curve but a real insight for them into the skills and qualities they will need as potential leaders in the future."

Meanwhile, pupils at a school in nearby Bristol have been reminded to value a positive outlook over physical appearance.

Students at Colston's Girls' School were addressed by Professor Nichola Rumsey, an expert in facial disfigurement at their annual prize-giving ceremony.

Written by Charlotte Michaels

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