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South-west council 'should target struggling schools'

16/10/2009 Joanna
Tackling low literacy levels in Torbay in the south-west requires a targeted approach focusing on the lowest-achieving schools, according to a local councillor.

According to This is South Devon, a scrutiny review panel was set up to determine why 20 per cent of children in the region were not achieving required levels of literacy.

Councillor Jenny Faulkner told the panel in a meeting that overall figures "look good", but problems remain with certain schools, claims the local news source.

"I think we ought to be saying we know these schools are where we should be concentrating our efforts. We have two or three schools we don't need to worry about," she explained.

The news service reports that the panel will review the matter and report back to the council in the new year.

In related news, the government has announced maintained schools have made "significant" progress, with 50.4 per cent of GCSE students reaching the five grades at A* to C benchmark.

Written by Charlotte Michaels

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