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Snow shuts quarter of schools

02/12/2010 Joanna
Almost 7,000 schools across Britain have been forced to shut their doors due to the wintry weather currently sweeping across the UK.

In England, 4,000 have closed, while 1,200 made the decision not to open in Scotland, the BBC reports.

Anastasia de Vaal of thinktank Civitas told the news provider that days lost because of bad weather should be added on to the end of the school term.

"Internationally this is a system that happens after several consecutive days where the school is closed, and really the aim is to make sure that schools are able to do everything they can, and crucially are supported by their local authority and local services to stay open," she commented.

Some of the areas where closures have been most prevalent include Yorkshire, Sussex, Kent and Essex.

Scotland's education secretary Michael Russell said earlier this week that decisions to close schools should be made on a local basis.
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