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Smooth move to secondary school 'hinges on good communication'

17/11/2010 Joanna
Starting secondary school can be daunting for any child, but it is particularly difficult for anyone who is being bullied.

This is according to Peter Bradley, deputy director of charity Kidscape, who noted that parents tend to have close relationships with teachers and staff at primary schools, which means that important information can be passed on easily.

However, he pointed out that this changes once pupils enter secondary education because of the dramatic increase in numbers.

Teenagers also find it harder to speak to their parents about any issues that are troubling them, according to Mr Bradley.

"The transition between primary and secondary school hinges on really good communication between the two schools. Ensuring that there's a liaison officer in the secondary school who can visit the children in the primary school to welcome them to let them know about the new rules and boundaries and the structure of the school day [is vital]," he commented.

Nearly half of British schoolchildren have been targeted by bullies at some point in the past, according to government figures published earlier this year.
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