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Single-sex schools 'provide fewer distractions'

17/03/2011 Joanna
Attending a single-sex school can be less distracting for children than if they are educated alongside students of the opposite sex, it has been suggested.

Kimble Earl, editor of the Independent School Magazine, said that most advocates of single-sex education believe this is the case.

"Schools that have changed over from boys only to co-ed often say though that girls have brought a warmth and a balance that was perhaps previously missing," he commented.

Mr Earl suggested that teachers can also find it easier to prepare lessons if they have specific one-sex targets.

Speaking earlier this month, Dr Helen Wright of the Girls' Schools Association UK said students educated in a single-sex environment tend to do better academically.

"Academically, single-sex schools top the league tables despite the fact that co-ed schools are in the majority," she commented.

Dr Wright added that schools where children are not mixed often "punch above their weight".

 Posted by Paula Keogh
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