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Single-sex schools increase sexism and stereotypes in students, report claims

23/09/2011 Joanna
Thought by many to improve academic results, single-sex (SS) schools may in fact increase sexism and reinforce gender stereotyping, those applying for teaching jobs may be interested to know.

A report published today (Friday September 23rd) claims that previous research reporting that students achieve better results when educated in SS classrooms is "misguided".

The study authors claim this belief is backed up by little scientific evidence.

Analysing previous studies from across the globe, the American scientists said there was "no well-designed research showing that single-sex education improves students' academic performance".

Furthermore, they found that research purporting to prove that children perform better when taught in segregation is often backed up by "weak, cherry picked" evidence.

The study criticised SS schools for denying boys and girls the opportunity to work together.

Speaking in the Telegraph, Richard Fabes from Arizona State University said: "Separating boys and girls in public school classrooms makes gender very salient, and this salience reinforces stereotypes and sexism."

A 2006 review of research by Buckingham University academics found that no evidence to prove the previously held belief that pupils educated in SS schools performed better in exams.

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