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Should children be able to use the internet during exams?

10/02/2016 Joanna
At the World Education Summit in Dubai, a UK professor has suggested that students should be able to access the internet during exams.

According to Dr Sugata Mitra, a professor at Newcastle University, the internet is not just a tool of learning, but also a subject to be studied in itself. This was reported by news agency Wam, following the World Education Summit.

Dr Mitra has called for a reappraisal of the current system of teaching, stating: "The future of pedagogy has got to allow spontaneous order as a new method in children’s education in the presence of the internet. Internet must permeate the education system."

As technology continues to improve, he suggests that accommodations should be made to better integrate this into educational systems. 

Dr Mitra was the 2013 $1 million (£689,947) TED Prize winner for further research on non-formal, minimally invasive education. 

Speaking at the summit, he said: "Comprehension, communications and computation are the new basics. It is irrelevant to provide direct factual information manually. The role of memory in education does not need emphasis devices are playing that role. The brain retains what it wants to retain."

He suggests that curriculums should be changed in the face of developing technology and that the internet itself should be taught as a subject. 

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