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Self-defence to feature on curriculum

01/06/2009 Joanna
Children are to receive self-defence lessons in school from the age of seven to help them cope with crime.

The Safety Box scheme is planning workshops in schools in Leeds, Derby and Manchester which will teach pupils defensive techniques to help them if they get involved in a confrontation, reports the Times.

Nathaniel Peat, founder of Safety Box, told the newspaper, "It gives young people confidence and the fundamentals of how to stay safe."

Reading, Slough, Birmingham and Watford are some of the cities that already use the workshops.

Young people are targeted because they carry around expensive items such as mp3 players and mobile phones, the Times states.

Statistics from the Home Office show that ten to 15-year-olds are the most likely to become victims of personal crime.

As well as teaching self defence, the Safety Box program also aims to raise levels of self esteem and confidence among its participants.
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