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Science GCSE 'must be more challenging'

23/07/2010 Joanna
GCSE science does not require exam candidates to properly demonstrate that they have an understanding of the subject.

This is according to qualification watchdog Ofqual, which said the exam is too simple and does little to challenge the brightest pupils.

In news that may be of interest to those searching for teaching jobs, a report published by the organisation noted that it is possible for children to achieve an A grade by getting less than half of the marks available.

"The findings of this investigation did not differ significantly from those found in previous investigations, thus adding further evidence that standards are currently too low in GCSE science and additional science qualifications," said Ofqual.

Schools minister Nick Gibb told the Telegraph that the government wants all qualifications to be as rigorous as possible.

Michael Reiss, professor of science education at the Institute of Education in London, said last month that students need more hands-on lessons.
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