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Schools to get extra £500,000 for online safety

29/12/2014 Joanna
Education secretary Nicky Morgan has pledged extra money for schools to ensure children are safe while they use the internet.

Additional funding of £500,000 is to be invested in the Safer Internet Centre, to ensure schools and teachers are well-equipped to teach young people about how to be safe online.

The money will be used to provide advice and new multimedia resources for schools, as well as a series of online safety events for teachers across the country. It will also support the continuation of a helpline for reporting criminal content.

Ms Morgan urged parents to ensure they know how to keep their children safe while online. Gadgets and technology are popular presents, and last year over 50 per cent of young people received such items for Christmas.

However, parents are often unaware how they can implement safety controls, meaning their children are unsafe and exposed to the potential dangers of the internet.

Ms Morgan has called on mums and dads to use new whole home parental controls - introduced by the government - as well as online resources such as ParentPort and Internet Matters to help keep their children safe online.  

"From my conversations with parents I know how worried parents are about keeping their children safe online," the education secretary said.

"This isn't just about what they may be exposed to but ensuring that parents' pockets are also not hit by the unauthorised purchasing of apps and games - something very easily done."

The government has already taken a number of steps to help ensure youngsters are safe while they use the internet.

Online safety has been included in the curriculum, while new advice has been published for parents on keeping young people safe from cyberbullying. This provides information on how children can avoid online abuse on social media sites and what they should do if they are cyberbullied.

Posted by Charlotte Michaels

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