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Schools 'should protect pupils from tech-danger'

11/08/2009 Joanna
Those with jobs in education have been advised to help protect children from text and email-bullying by ensuring acceptable use policies are in place.

A spokesperson for a child protection organisation said Bluetooth technology has made it easier for children to share potentially distressing images and content with each other.

The internet can give users the illusion of anonymity and safety which could lead them to say or do things that they would avoid face-to-face, she added.

She suggested schools look to agencies such as government advisor Becta for further guidance on technology policy.

In addition, teachers could talk to pupils to help them "understand the consequences of their actions and how technology plays a part".

Children's charity Beatbullying recently revealed that 38 per cent of young people had been sent upsetting or offensive sexual images by text or email.

The charity also reported that 70 per cent of those who received such messages knew the sender.

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