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Schools 'should invest in playtime'

05/08/2009 Joanna
Those with jobs in education should prioritise pupils' playtime as it plays a vital role in their growth, development and wellbeing, says a children's charity.

Catherine Prisk, assistant director of Play England, said that schools which have invested in improving break-time activities are reported to have seen improvements in pupils' behaviour and concentration.

Children interviewed as part of Play England's research said they valued the opportunity to let off steam in the playground as they could return to the classroom feeling refreshed, said Ms Prisk.

"They also report improved creativity as children become confident in developing their own games and adventures," she added.

A recent survey by the children's charity found that more than half of parents believe that work, or other commitments limits their time to help their child play.

Half said that there were not enough safe places to play in their local area.

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