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'Schools increasingly opting for clip-on ties'

18/05/2009 Joanna
Schools in the UK are shifting more and more towards clip-on ties in a bid to ensure health and safety among students.

According to the Schoolwear Association, ten teaching institutions are changing to the more modern option each week because of fears that ties could get caught in equipment and become a hazard.

In news that may interest classroom support assistants and special needs coordinators (SENCOs), the Guardian reports that the association commented: "The traditional school tie has been affected by a health and safety epidemic and Schoolwear Association members have reported observing a considerable increase in demand for clip-on ties as a result."

The body also noted clip-on ties allow less room for pupils to customise their uniform with individual touches such as style of knot.

In other teaching news, a SENCO from a Chester school has praised the government's Growing Schools initiative.

Nicki Poulton of St Thomas of Canterbury Junior School told the Chester Evening Leader that she is "over the moon" about the scheme's Let's Grow campaign, which seeks to educate children about growing their own produce.

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