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Schools 'failing to build' Olympic legacy

20/11/2012 Joanna
Despite so many children being inspired to get more involved with sport as a result of the London 2012 Olympics, schools are failing to increase such opportunities for pupils or build a lasting legacy.

That is according to a new poll of parents commissioned by Chance to Shine, which indicates that half of British children have been encouraged by the summer athletics extravaganza to take up or try a new sport.

However, the charity - which aims to encourage education through cricket - found that the Games have not had a big enough impact at an institutional level.

Some 1,006 parents answered the survey, with 15 per cent saying that the Olympics has inspired their child to do more sport outside of school and nine per cent saying the same of their in-school activities. According to the questionnaire, 15 per cent said their child has also taken up a new sport in school.

But despite this new found enthusiasm, the vast majority (81 per cent) said that there has been no improvement in the amount of sport on offer at their child's school, with the amount of PE and games on offer staying at their pre-Olympics levels.

Somewhat alarmingly, 12 per cent even said that their child had wanted to do more sport at school, but there had been no opportunities for them to do so.

When asked to rate the stumbling blocks, 23 per cent said a lack of specialist teachers was holding schools back, while 42 per cent believed pressure to fit sport in with the curriculum was an issue and 32 per cent cited lack of facilities. Funding was also highlighted by 29 per cent of parents as a perceived obstacle, with 18 per cent blaming a lack of available space and playing fields.

Chief Executive of Chance to Shine Wasim Khan, said: "The fact that parents are saying that their children are doing less than two hours of school sport a week is a concern. We want young people to do as much physical activity as possible in and out of school - whether it's cricket, athletics or another sport - to help them lead active, healthy lives."

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