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Schoolchildren 'to build a plane'

10/08/2009 Joanna
Secondary school staff may be interested to hear that the Royal Aeronautical Society and Boeing have launched the Schools Build a Plane Challenge, to help foster an interest in engineering among young people.

Captain David Rowland, president of the society, said: "Through this challenge we will provide young people with the chance to develop a wide range of skills through hands-on learning and encourage pupils to consider careers in the engineering and science sectors."

According to the Sunday Express, work has already begun on the aircraft which will be built across four different locations, before being assembled at the Farnborough air show.

The youngsters taking part, aged 14 to 18, will be expected to market and sell the plane after having a chance to fly in it.

Boeing's aeronautical experts are on-hand to help the schools deliver the project in time for next year's air show.

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