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School staff 'well equipped' to deal with behaviour problems

20/04/2009 Joanna
Previous research has indicated that trainee teachers who successfully complete their programmes can competently manage the behaviour of pupils, it has been noted.

Ofsted's annual report in 2007 indicated that those who complete either primary or secondary teacher training programmes are well equipped with practical strategies to deal with disruptive behaviour, explained Jacquie Nunn, who is director of training development at the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA).

Nonetheless, she noted, the body welcomes the new behaviour report published by government adviser Sir Alan Steer.

In this he makes a number of recommendations such as the development of a Learning and Teaching Policy in all schools.

Ms Nunn said that as well as gaining the skills to tackle bad behaviour while training, the TDA also provides a range of services to those in teaching jobs to help them promote good behaviour and challenge bullying.

"We welcome the report and will continue to work with trainees and teachers to enable them to have the resources and skills to manage classroom behaviour," she stated.
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