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School staff should be "inspiration" to pupils

16/03/2009 Joanna
Those in teaching jobs should act as a "guide" and an "inspiration" to their pupils, it has been argued.

President of the Montessori Foundation and chair of the International Montessori Council Timothy Seldin argued that teachers should be allowing children to make their own discoveries at an early stage.

Research published last year by education charity Futurelab on the Enquiring Minds programme found that students appear more confident, engaged and positive about school if they work in partnership with their teachers.

This project centred on the idea that pupils help develop the curriculum by bringing their own ideas, experiences, interests and concerns to school.

And Mr Seldin backed this idea of self-learning, suggesting that it is important to make children feel that school "is something that is enjoyable and that is directly relevant to their lives".

"Instead of assigning assignments and leaving the children to see if they can figure out what you want, for me a teacher works with the child to help him feel safe and encouraged and bright," he added.
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