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School staff issued with new guidance by government

16/04/2009 Joanna
The government is producing new guidance for school staff to help them deal with behaviour problems among pupils.

New literature about dealing with cyberbullying, as well as combating bullying outside of school, is being provided to people in teaching jobs.

A leaflet to ensure that teachers are clear about what discipline powers they hold will also be distributed to school staff.

These publications have been produced after the Department for Children, Schools and Families confirmed that it will be accepting all the recommendations made by adviser Sir Alan Steer in his latest report about pupil behaviour.

This includes the proposal that those in teaching jobs should deliver lessons based on television gameshows, to boost pupil interest and bring down levels of disruption in the classroom.

"I know that the skills, enthusiasm and dedication of schools and teachers will help this country to lead the way by having exemplary pupil behaviour in schools," stated schools secretary Ed Balls.

The Conservatives yesterday reiterated calls to provide school staff with more disciplinary powers.
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