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School staff 'in support' of school trips

27/03/2009 Joanna
School staff across the country have expressed their backing for research suggesting that children benefit from learning outside the classroom.

A survey commissioned by the Education Travel Group found that 90 per cent of respondents take their pupils on school trips.

People in teaching jobs "value trips because they give students a broader understanding and provide a fun, first-hand experience of their subjects as well as facilitating team building and socialising", noted chief executive of the organisation Paul Gilbert.

Of those surveyed, 57 per cent said they took their pupils on trips once or twice a year, while 21 per cent said they do so at least once a term.

However, many of those questioned said that they believe the economic downturn will affect the regularity of education outside the classroom, with 94 per cent believing that this will become harder due to the recession.

In order to make it easier for school staff to identify which venues are suitable for school trips, the government recently created a Quality Badge to be awarded to institutions that come under this category.
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