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School staff affected by swine flu

14/07/2009 Joanna
Teachers and students from schools across the UK are staying at home with suspected swine flu.

In Nottingham and surrounding areas alone, 122 schools have had cases confirmed, reports the city’s Evening Post.

One special needs school in the area had to close as so many of its students had underlying health problems that could make them more vulnerable to the virus, said the paper.

In Manchester reports suggest that many parents are keeping healthy children at home to avoid contracting the virus.

One parent told the Manchester Evening News: "There are only a few days left of the school term and we are hearing that people who have been healthy before have been killed by swine flu.

“It's not worth the risk sending your kid to school for the last couple of days of term," she added.

Despite swine flu's spread, the NHS is advising only those who have symptoms to stay at home and contact their GP.
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