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School pupils turn to Google over teachers, research shows

12/03/2012 Joanna
Pupils are more likely to ask Google a question that their parents or teachers, new research has revealed.

According to a study by Birmingham Science City, the majority (54 per cent) of children would turn to Google or another search engine when they were looking for information.

Researchers questioned 500 children as part of the survey and found that just 26 per cent would call on their parents if they needed to find an answer to something.

Just three per cent of those questioned said they would turn to their teacher.

In a clear demonstration of how important digital technology is to children today, 45 per cent said that they had never looked up an answer in a traditional encyclopaedia, while nearly one fifth have never thumbed through a dictionary.

Commenting on the findings, Dr Pam Waddell, director of Birmingham Science City, said that it was hardly surprising young people turn to Google more often than parents or teachers when answers are just a button-click away.

"However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing," she said. "It shows just how commonplace digital technology is for children today and how comfortable they are with using it."

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