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School places appeals system 'is working'

30/10/2009 Joanna
Following the release of new figures suggesting parents are using their right to appeal against decisions made about where to school their child have been welcomed by the government.

Schools minister Diana Johnson said the "vast majority" of families are placed with the school of their choice.

"We deliberately created the transparent admissions system that exists, opening it up to parents and making it fair and accountable, because we want parents choosing schools, not schools choosing parents," she noted.

The admissions appeals statistics reveal 3.7 per cent of families were denied their first choice of schools.

Ms Johnson added that a second-choice school would not mean a second-class education, as every school now has more teachers, support staff and funding.

Fears have been raised in the East Midlands over whether the postal strike will affect the schools admissions process.

Northamptonshire county council has advised parents to hand deliver application forms, reports the Northampton Chronicle.

Written by Alan Douglas

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