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School opens special needs centre

14/05/2009 Joanna
A new £1.5 million centre for pupils with special needs has opened at Brislington Enterprise College in Bristol.

The unit will help students with autistic spectrum disorders, reports the Evening Post, and is based in the former city learning centre.

And its development means pupils from southern Bristol with special needs do not have to travel across the city, or even out of the area, to receive their education.

There are currently 12 pupils using the centre at present but the school expects this to rise to 19 at the start of next term.

Janette Noerr, head of the unit, told the newspaper that the pupils were delighted with facilities on offer: "It is all about supporting the children so they can access the real world later in life.

"Social skills and life skills are a priority."

Brislington, which hosts over 1200 students, is presently a Teaching Development Agency training school.
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